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Is the municipal bond market getting healthy?

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If you consult with the “municipal bonds specialists,” FMSBonds, Inc.,  you’ll find the most breaking and relevant muncipal bonds news around.

So, what is the latest news to leak from the FMS camp? Well, it seems like the municipal bond market may be getting a clean bill of health.

“A steady, if unspectacular stream of recent news items that indicate the municipal bond market – bashed almost gleefully by doomsayers a little more than two years ago – is getting healthy,” writes James A. Klotz, FMSBonds columnist.

Though, you should know that despite some promising signs, there are still a few threats that remain.

“It’s not all clear skies for state and local governments. Many still face underfunded pension obligations. Health-care costs may rise and there is a threat of cuts in federal aid. Rating agencies are expected to downgrade a number of issuers this year, and some efforts aimed at reducing or eliminating the tax benefit of municipal bonds remain,” writes Klotz.

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Take a ride on the California financial swell

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The surf in California is legendary, so our choice of metaphor is a logical, and easy choice.

The California financial surf is experiencing a significant swell.

“…as a result of the economic upturn and the passage of Proposition 30 in 2012, which temporarily raises income and sales taxes, revenues are forecast to hit $98 billion in 2014, following an estimated $95 billion in 2013. The State Department of Finance projects small surpluses through 2017, its normal five-year forecasting period,” writes Jay H. Abrams, FMS Bonds, Inc. Chief Municipal Credit Analyst.

You can read the whole story and learn more about the present and future boom of California finances here.

SOURCE: FMSBonds.com