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Krinos Kares Foundation to host outing to benefit St. Jude’s

Krinos Group Golf Outing Promotional PosterIn an effort to bring further awareness to great causes and foundations, Krinos Group has established the Krinos Kares Foundation.

The first event hosted by Krinos Kares will be a golf outing to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The outing will be held June 30 at Mill Creek Golf Course in Boardman, OH at 10 a.m.

The outing will be organized as a four-player team scramble with golf prizes for closest to the pin, longest drive, and overall winners. Of course, all proceeds will be donated to St. Jude so we are accepting a variety of donations.

Team registration, and participation, is free, but there are still several ways contribute to this great cause. We are searching for hole sponsors, a $150 donation; tent sponsors, a $50 donation; golf prize and Chinese auction prize donations; and general donations.

You can learn more about the event, how to donate, sponsor or participate, through the official 1st Annual Krinos Group Golf Outing event pages:

Official Facebook Event Page

Official St. Jude Special Event Page

If you have any further questions, you can contact us through the following outlets:

P. 330-742-4020


We hope to see you out on the course for a great day in the name of a great cause!


What is an annuity?


It may be easy to find financial matters a bit daunting when you may not have the clearest understanding of financial terms and what they encompass.

Take annuities for example.

“An annuity is a contract with an insurance company that is funded by the purchaser and designed to generate an income stream in retirement. It is a flexible financial vehicle that can help protect against the risk of living a long time because it provides an option for a lifetime income,” according to an article on the Krinos Group website.

Sometimes one may be encouraged to outsource all of their financial matters to third-party firms, advisors, etc. While it may be important to seek financial advice from such outlets, having a basic understanding of key financial terms and what you can gain from each one respectively is significant.

Take a look at this article on annuities on our website and brush up on your financial terminology and understanding.

Always have a Plan B

SOURCE: 2012 Field Guide, National Underwriter

SOURCE: 2012 Field Guide, National Underwriter

If you, or your spouse, were to experience a long-term disability (lasting 90 days or more), would you be able to shoulder the financial burden?

This is a fairly significant question to ask yourself, and ultimately prepare a response to. Sometimes we would rather not think of the possibility of getting injured, but, believe it or not, a 50-year-old has about a 36% chance of experiencing a long-term disability before age 65, according to the National Underwriter 2012 Field Guide.

Of course, there is disability insurance and things of the like that assist in these particular types of matters, but the percentage of income that it can replace is ultimately up to the policy.

Head over to the Krinos Group website and check out our “Having a Backup Plan” newsletter to learn what you can do to prepare for an unforeseen event like this.

E-seminars offer further financial education



If you have visited the Krinos Group website, then you may have noticed we have quite an offering of financial education tools at your disposal.

Of course, some folks may visit us to get a brief bit of company background, check out our services, or get to know our associates a bit better; however, for those of you seeking to expand you financial knowledge, you have come to the right place.

Our website offers you the opportunity to keep up to date with the most relevant financial topics, utilize financial calculators, brush up on financial terminology, and take part in e-seminars.

We offer three e-seminars that you can participate in:  Retirement, Estate Planning, and Financial Management.

Our Financial Management e-seminar identifies obstacles in your personal financial management, and assists you in overcoming these obstacles. For more information on this particular e-seminar, please follow the link below. But, don’t forget, you can always visit us to broaden your financial understanding.

Financial Management E-Seminar

There’s more to Krinos Group than just a blog…

Did you know that the Krinos Group network extends beyond our blog and website? That’s right — we have entire network of social media outlets.

Recently, we have been giving our network a complete overhaul — starting with a brand new website, and accompanied by an updated social media presence. Click on any of the links below to join our network and not only learn more about Krinos Group, but also remain up-to-date on the latest news:

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A Peek Inside: A Krinos Group Office Feature

Before you visit us for a financial consultation, you may want to see exactly how we operate here at Krinos. Take a look at this YouTube office feature for a peek inside our offices, and to see just why you should come to us for your financial preparations.