KriKnows is brought to you by Krinos Group. Our goal is to keep you informed on today’s important financial news, and to assist you with tips and to-dos to prepare you for the brightest financial future possible.

As the lily suggests in our logo, we are committed to providing Purity, Growth, Progress, Development, and Freedom by “Always putting the client first.”

Founded in 1971, Krinos Group’s sole purpose was to provide financial advice while serving the needs of both individuals and businesses. Through the years, Krinos Group has persevered and developed different entities to serve as an arm to better suit the individuals and business clients financial goals.

Krinos Holdings Incorporated DBA Krinos Group is a Nevada based company and is the parent company of the Ohio based:

Krinos Venture Capital Co. – Specializing in providing financing for new or expanding businesses while offering accredited or institutional investors an alternative investment method.

Krinos Financial Group, Inc.- Specializing in providing financial advice to individuals and businesses in through the different stages of life to prepare for a retirement.

Krinos Insurance Group, Inc.- Specializing in providing insurance products to help individuals and businesses for their current insurance needs.

Krinos Investment Group, Inc.- Is currently registering with the SEC to become a full service Broker Dealer to provide traditional and alternative investments to clients, businesses, accredited, and institutional investors.

Our representatives have extensive investment advisory experience and are licensed to provide a variety of investment and insurance products.

Dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of our clients, we assist the individuals and businesses with clarity, transparency, and a road-map toward achieving their financial goals.

Our staff provides more than 120 years of combined experience with the diversified aspects of the industry.


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