You don’t need the newspaper anymore for quality headlines

Source: Mashable

For those of you who may have been living off the grid for the past couple years — welcome to the digital age.

Everything today is Facebook this, Digg that, Pin this, and Tweet that. It may be hard to get used to for some, but believe it or not social media offers a completely unique and timely way of getting your daily news.

Let me tell you a story:

Meet Ted.

Ted is a man who has paid for his newspaper subscription for years, and has no interest in joining the new social networking fad. “It’ll die off just like bell-bottom jeans,” Ted tells himself. He continues to drink his coffee and get his daily dose of morning headlines from that good ol’ black and white paper.

The next day, Ted wakes up only to realize that his newspaper has gone belly-up and, in an effort to cut costs, will no longer publish weekend papers. “So what?” you might ask. Well, it just so happens that today is Saturday. What is Ted to do?

Should he:

A.) Run up and down the street, waiting for people to holler out what they’ve heard through the grapevine?

B.) Drive to the nearest supermarket and grab every other possible publication he can?

or C.) Blow the dust off of his computer, pull up Yahoo! or Google headlines, then proceed to check Twitter for minute-to-minute news updates?

If you said C, then congratulations! Unfortunately, you win no prize. Sorry.

Newspapers may be a dying breed, but the internet age is most likely in it for the long-run. People crave immediate response and therefore social media platforms such as Twitter thrive.

Source: @KrinosGroup

Source: @KrinosGroup

Take the Krinos Group Twitter account for example. We tend to send out about eight to 10 tweets per day. Many of those tweets are news updates from third-party sources like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Forbes, etc.

So, even though whoever follows us may not follow the other third-party accounts, those people are still getting third-party breaking financial news, tips, and updates of other varieties.

Of course, there are personal accounts, as well as impersonation accounts, that may provide people will false information from time to time, but if you set up an account in which your only purpose was to remain up-to-date on news, there are several verified accounts that can help you stay in the loop.

For daily financial news updates and more, follow us @KrinosGroup.


2 responses

  1. Is there anybody who performs this service for general news?

    1. If you are referring to Twitter accounts, then yes. If you type the term “news” into the Twitter search bar, there should be multiple reliable, and verified accounts that come up.

      Hope that helps!

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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