How much does it cost to be a superhero?

Source: H&R Block

Source: H&R Block

When you were younger, did you ever don a cape and buzz about the house pretending to be your favorite superhero?

Me too.

Most of us have had dreams and aspirations of growing up to be Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or [insert favorite superhero here]. But, what we don’t realize is that it’s not all beating up bad guys and getting the glory. The are certain fiscal responsibilities that go along with that costume.

Let’s examine two of today’s most popular superheros: Batman and Spider-Man.

When we were younger, we may not have realized that some of the expenditures of leading two lives may prove to be mighty costly; well, maybe more-so for Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man), than Wayne.

Did you know that the first series of Spider-Man films grossed $2,496,145,679 worldwide? Yea, that’s a pretty big haul. Now, do you know how long it would take Peter Parker to earn that amount of money? About 49,923 years.

Now, when you examine the total haul of the latest Batman franchise, you would find that it hauled in $2,649,224,759 worldwide. So, how long would it take Bruce Wayne to earn that money back? About 19 years.

So, not all superheros are created equal — at least fiscally. Thankfully, H&R Block has provided us with an infographic to better compare the economics of these two “super powers.” Take a look and see if you still want to don the costume.


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