Don’t break their heart or the bank this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day.

The one day of the year when love is in the air,  couples embrace on a park bench to watch a sunset, and your wallet gets 10 pounds lighter.

Yes, this day is mostly about showing your loved ones that they are always on your mind, but an argument could be made that the underlying message of the day is to prepare your finances for the Valentine’s Day Financial Massacre.

You may be considering springing for that pricey set of earrings, or a luxury evening; however, if your finances aren’t prepared for this costly day, you could take more of a hit than you had originally planned.

That is why Russ Wiles of has put together a list of tips for your financial preparations. For example…

“Hold money discussions.

It’s important for both parties to participate in financial conversations, especially if you’re married. There’s a good chance you will have different views on spending, budgeting and determining how much debt is appropriate. Disagreements can lead to stress, so it’s important to talk things out,” writes Wiles.

Take a look at Wiles article for more tips for dodging Cupid’s arrow without using your wallet as a shield.



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