Need a job? Social media can help

In today’s economy, one may do anything and everything to land a job. Well, it seems that social media has thrown its hat in the unemployment ring.

Many job-seekers tend to use LinkedIn to dry off from the unemployment pool, but Google+ may be the better option, according to AOL.original.

“‘…with some 343 million members, Google Plus has surpassed micro-blogging site Twitter and is second only to Facebook in its number of ‘active’ users,’ according to a report by Global Web Index,” writes David Schepp, AOL Jobs staff writer.

But why is Google+ the way to go? For one, it offers you, the user, a chance to hear job advice from some of today’s most influential business leaders. By connecting to influential people in a Google+ Circle, you can see what they have to say about keys to success, finding a job, and more. But there are also a few tips you can follow if you are determined to land a job, according to Schepp:

  • Create a profile on Google Plus: And if you already have one, be sure to optimize it by adding a photo and filling out your profile to give recruiters a better idea of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
  • Use the ‘Circles’ feature to connect with influential people: When you connect with someone on Google Plus, you add them to “circles,” which include categories such as “friends” and “acquaintances” — or you can create your own. The feature can be helpful should you wish to, say, share some posts with friends and other items with only professional contacts. (And be sure toadd AOL Jobs to your circle.)
  • Engage: Google Plus can be a great way to ask questions of recruiters and HR professionals about the hiring process at specific employers. You might also land an online interview, which can better prepare you for an in-person interview. (You also can join AOL Jobs experts for our weekly Lunchtime Live hangouts on Google Plus. Each Friday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, we discuss career issues with experts, and readers are welcome to join in.)

Read on to learn more about how Google+ can create employment opportunities at AOL Jobs.

Source: AOL Jobs


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